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How to setup for best experience.





Phone or tablet

  1. Download Jellyfin
  1. Download VLC
  1. Go to settings β†’ Client Settings β†’ Video player type β†’ External player
  1. If prompted to set default player, set the default player as VLC


  1. Download the Jellyfin app
  1. Download VLC

Smart TV

To play movies directly from your smart TV you need to have Android Tv and download Jellyfin for android TV.

If you do not have Android TV you will need to cast from another device or plug in a laptop.

Server address: watch.moseswescombe.com

How to watch movies

On mobile, if you have setup the device according to the instructions above you simply need to press play on a movie in the Jellyfin app. If you are on a computer you will need to follow these steps.

  1. Find the movie you would like to watch on Jellyfin and press play.
  1. If the movie doesn’t play, select . . . β†’ Copy Stream URL
  1. Open VLC
  1. Media β†’ Open Network Stream β†’ Paste URL β†’ Play

How to add movies

  1. browse.moseswescombe.com
  1. Search for you movie of choice, or browse through movies
  1. If it shows that the movie is streaming on any service that you have access to, please watch it their instead, as this saves storage on the server. If you would like me or others to watch it, feel free to request.

A typical request will take about 5-10 minutes to show up in Jellyfin. If you have setup your account with an email you will receive confirmation when it is available.

If the movie is still in cinemas it likely wont be available until it has been released.


Movie isn’t playing

If the movie isn’t playing try opening it in VLC with the above instructions.

If this still doesn’t work it may be incompatible. Please let me know.

If your screen is frozen:

On PC β†’ try right clicking on the page β†’ reload

On mobile β†’ force close the app and reopen

The movie is in a different language

Try changing the audio track.

In Jellyfin β†’ Select movie β†’ Audio

In VLC β†’ Audio β†’ Audio Track

I can’t login

Contact me so I can change the login details

Moses Wescombe - moseswescombe@gmail.com